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Pocopay: easy everyday banking


Pocopay is a powerful mobile banking app featuring everything from payments, statements and requesting money to splitting bills between friends. With Pocopay you can simply drag and drop money to your contacts. It is safe, fast and works everywhere. And the best part, we'll give you a free "Poco Basic" account to get you started! Oh, and did we mention that you can register an account from the comfort of your home, without ever having to visit an office!Features:- A cutting edge contactless MasterCard debit card (with "Poco Power" account)- Send people money, by using their e-mail address or phone number. Good old IBAN works too.- Innovative way to split bills with your friends- Use photos to add context to your payments or money requests- Beautiful and informative visuals about you past and future transactions- Easily share your banking account details- Putting money aside with Pocopay becomes so simple that you might actually do it.
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*Notice that outside fees may apply to some banking transactions that Pocopay does not control
Pocopay is a fully authorized payment institution. We comply with the EU regulations and are regulated and licensed by the Estonian FSA. Our registration code is 12732518.